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I spend so much time taking photos, but ironically don’t have all that many photos of myself. The first time I came to Japan, I sent my family a bunch of pictures. My mother emailed me back saying “don’t forget to get some pictures with yourself in it! You will eventually treasure those memories”

This really stuck with me, and is a large part of why I document so much of my journey on Tokyo Lens over on YouTube and such. We forget so many moments, and despite having a ton of videos, I’ve created this page here as an opportunity to share a few key moments here and there that have been captured in photo.



The vast majority of all photos that I post are over on Instagram (, with a large number of photos making their way directly to Twitter (

Among my favorites, was this shot I took of the Tokyo SkyTree and Sakura in spring 2019

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Spring in Japan isn’t just beautiful. It’s inspiring. Countless people are driven to pick up their cameras and catch the beauty around them as they see it. On the surface, it can all look the same; pictures of Sakura. But the deeper you look, the more you pick up on the feel of the moment and the personality of the photographer. The day I took this photo, I was surrounded by dozens of others trying to capture their version of this moment. Some were clearly professional, and others clearly not. But everyone looked happy. Everyone shared a common goal. The serenity of the moment despite it being crowded and loud, is what I remember the most. . PS – this is the first print I’ve uploaded to redbubble in a Long Time~ . . . . #japan #tokyo #sakura #sakura🌸 #桜 #東京スカイツリー #cherryblossom #cherryblossoms #skytree #tokyonights #tokyonight #streetphotography #japanese #cyberpunk #shibuya #night #nightphotography #streetphotography #japannight #tokyotokyo #tokyolife #japanlife #color #nightnight #night_shooterz

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